About us

The “PLAM – Karagyozov” Ltd. company, 

established in 1991, has gone through many stages of development. The company PLAM produces standard and non-standard furniture according to an individual project. For the clients we offer complete and partial furniture both for the home and for hotels, offices, restaurants, conference halls, kitchens, children’s rooms, etc.
The company produces doors made of natural veneer and laminated MDF, as well as entrance doors.
We work with high quality materials and try to satisfy the high requirements of our customers, with good quality and reasonable price, sometimes making compromises. The quality of our products comes with the constant modernization of the enterprise and good selection of staff.

Furniture Plam Stara Zagora is a specialized company with a subject of activity – the manufacture of furniture for standard and individual projects. With us you will find complete solutions for full or partial furnishing of your home, office, hotel, restaurant, restaurant and more. In order to satisfy the high expectations of our customers, we make a special selection of the materials we work with and during all these years we have selected only the best suppliers. In our catalog you can see all custom-made furniture for our customers. From design to realization, our products are refined to the last detail. So you get quality and comfortable furniture, and we are pleased that we have realized your project.